Liquid Penetrant Test is a method used in the control of pure surface discontinuities in materials during production and service conditions. The liquid penetrant test method, which can be applied to all types of materials, is an unprecedented method for detecting surface discontinuities of non-ferromagnetic materials. The most important advantages of the method are that the application of liquid penetrant test method, which is used as a complement to other methods in many examinations, and that the symptom evaluation is quite simple.

Liquid penetrant test method is industrially applied to control surface discontinuities in all industries such as automotive, pressure vessels, welded manufacturing and aviation. Manufactured from materials that are not ferromagnetic (aluminum, austenitic steels, alloy steels, copper, titanium and aluminum alloys), especially in parts exposed to cyclic loads and with high fatigue crack sensitivity, especially with surface discontinuities such as casting, forging, welded manufacturing. It is a vital examination method. The ease of personnel training and certification, simple application and evaluation conditions are among the most important reasons for the method to be used widely. In addition, the fact that there is no need for investment cost for the application of the liquid penetrant test method, and the possibility of performing test in open and closed environments are among the other common reasons for the method to be used.

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