Magnetic Particle Test is a method used to detect possible surface and discontinuities just below the surface in materials and can only be applied to materials with ferromagnetic character. The basic principle of the method is to detect the leakage flux caused by the discontinuity on the surface of the magnetized parts or in the regions close to the surface. The positions of the discontinuities can be determined by making this leakage flux visible by using iron powders.

The magnetic particle method is a faster method than other non-destructive test methods in terms of application and evaluation. In most cases, it does not require any pretreatment on the part surface and therefore allows particularly rapid and rapid test. It is one of the most used methods to effectively control cast and forged parts and weld seams. Again, compared to the Liquid Penetrant test method, which is only used to control surface discontinuities, the main advantages of the method are its test speed, it does not require a careful pre-cleaning and it is possible to detect the discontinuities just below the surface. Its most important limitation is that it can only be applied to materials that show ferromagnetic properties (Iron, Nickel, Cobalt and their alloys). 

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