AKIN Quality Group Inc. It is committed to the principle of independence with 5 different departments/companies: AKINLAB, AKIN Oil&GAS, AKIN Training Academy, AKIN NDT and AKINCERT, which provides Industrial Inspection, training, auditing, testing and certification services in accordance with the sector, customer expectations, national and international standards/norms.




AKINNDT and Quality Services;

It provides conventional and advanced Non-Destructive Testing Services, Non-Destructive Testing, Personnel Certification, Welder Certification, WPQR services, 3rd Party surveillance and inspections, Pressure Vessel Periodic Controls services.



It has 3 laboratories to perform Destructive Tests and Coating Tests.



It carries out periodic controls of storage tanks and pipelines within the scope of API, advanced robotic inspections, manufacturing controls, fixed equipment periodic controls and manufacturing controls.



Training is provided for standards such as Non-Destructive Testing Personnel, Inspection Personnel, Welding Coordination Personnel, Welders, internal auditor training, API and ASME.

Scope details are given in detail on each unit's own page.



AKINCERT is an organization established to carry out product and system activities within AKIN Quality Group. The purpose of establishment is to provide system activities according to EN 17021 and product certification services according to EN 17065.